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The following four CD's are available through

NorthStar Music

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Hear the showreel.


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US viewers can purchase here


Here's a review of Aromatherapy:


Aromatherapy -74 minutes of heaven is deeply soothing and ambient,
sensitively written with a tempo which easily becomes an integral part of any therapy treatment.
And in tests with other aromatherapists, their enthusiastic response has shown that it is just perfect!
I'm very happy to recommend this CD to you wholeheartedly.

" - SÚza Eccles, Editor of Aromatherapy Quarterly.




new in 2005!





Float away in cool watery textures, a tool for relaxation, forget all that dolphin and whale song,

this actually works.








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I created these two CD's for nukarma, tey are available at major record shops like HMV or visit the MVC website by clicking the "buy" link above.



For those who need to seriously chill!




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 The above two tapes were a collaboration with Dr Aric Sigman.

They are available through Amazon and Thorsons.







The early nineties saw Dr Aric Sigman and myself collaborate on a rather odd commission.
4 hours of relaxation music with speech for stressed out intercontinental travellers on British Airways.

Here's what Cosmopolitan said in the July 1993 issue:


Thumbs up to British Airways who recently introduced the ultimate in-flight essential
- a radio channel specifically aimed at relaxation.
Aptly entitled the Well-being Audio Channel, it combines a programme of gentle relaxation exercises with soothing music to encourage a stress-free journey. The programme has been designed by psychologist Dr Aric Sigman, who's an expert in advanced relaxation techniques, with speciallycomposed music by
Geraint Hughes. So next time you're aboard a long-haul BA flight, tune in and chill out.  


My Northstar CD "Zensuality" was recently chosen by Avon for a special promotional campaign and distribution in North America. It was renamed "Desire". For more information and if in USA call
1-866-I BECOME